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MMO Trials of Ascension

6 Jahre 4 Monate her #2139 von Administrator
Totgeglaubte Leben länger, so heißt es öfters und trifft auch auf das MMO Trials of Ascension zu.
Hierbei handelt es sich um ein 2002 vorgestelltes MMO mit einer umfangreichen und noch nie dagewesenen Features Liste.
spielergeführte Siedlungen
36 Rassen, darunter Drachen, Greifen, Minotauren, Zentauren...
Permanenter Tod
Offenes PvP
und vieles mehr.
2007 wurde die offizielle Webseite geschlossen und das Projekt für als gescheitert erklärt.
Nun 4 Jahre später jedoch wird dem Projekt ToA neues Leben eingehaucht, wenn auch die Features weit nach unten geschraubt wurden. Aber nun ist das Ziel realistisch und umsetzbar!!
Die größeren Veränderungen zum alten Konzept sind:
-Menschen sind bei Release die einzig wählbare Rasse
- keine Religion
- Keine Mounts/Reittiere
- Keine Schiffe
- Keine Artifakte
- Verkleinern der Spielwelt
- Reduzieren der Anzahl der verfügbaren Siedlungen
- Reduzieren der möglichen Gebäudetypen
zur offiziellen Webseite:
MMORPG Hype Seite:
Noch befindet sich das MMO in einer kritischen Phase und es wird sich erst noch Zeigen, ob es fertig Entwickelt wird. Unterstützt das Produkt und informiert euch!
Registriert euch im offiziellen Forum an und meldet euch in der deutschen Ecke.
Auf ein erfolgreiches MMO, welches aus der Masse heraussticht!
6 Jahre 4 Monate her #2140 von Markus H.
Hier noch eine sehr umfangreiche, wenn nicht sogar vollständige Sammlung aller Informationen bezüglich ToA

The Whispering Moon hat sich vollkommen dem MMO gewidmet und hier findet man auf alles eine Antwort (solange jemals etwas im Forum oder einem Pod Cast dazu offiziell gesagt wurde)

Viel Spaß beim Stöbern
6 Jahre 3 Monate her #2142 von Markus H.
Q&A Podcast Nummer 2:

Occam's Chainsaw, post: 14710, member: 945 schrieb: So to recap, and so i can read my quickly scribbled notes later on.

Edit: color coded, because im the cool kid


need to track the game, to track the game you need tracking skills. tracking skill gives direction and size/type of creature your tracking. these become more refined and provide greater accuracy with an increase in skill IE being able to identify the actual creature, not just how big it is.


There wont be hordes of roaming wildlife, tracking an individual game down may take hours not minutes. And they wont simply stand there to get killed. Odds of killing game with a close combat weapon are practically ZERO, best get something with a bit of range or enjoy the taste of grass for every meal.

They will be dynamic in the sense that they will be attracted to their food and water sources. IE there wont be deer in the middle of the desert, and you wont find bunnies in the tree tops. deer eat berries and need water, bears enjoy fish, hanging around those areas will give you the best chance to spot some game.

Most every part of the animal will be useable. meat, hide, bones, antlers confirmed, I expect such things like teeth and claws would be included in that list.

Other players are NOT edible game I know I'm sad too however you can remove body parts from them. What I do with them is my own damn business and i thank you not to ask... however i will have a new hat collection coming out very soon...:D

A successful kill will last you days if not week, not a few minutes or hours. Does it spoil over time? no idea, if it does will there be ways to prolong it? Id like to think so, however I'd have to convene with the great Braxian goatee to get a definite answer... It's an itchy task at best...


Spying and trading of information is un-coded, what you hear and see is up to you to record, you have writable books. Such books can be sold as a commodity.
Spells will be hot linked to a key/icon. Can be casted provided you have the required components on hand to do so.
Yes there is a disguise skill, however you can be detected by someone with a greater perception then you have disguise skill... and you wont know it if you've been detected by another player or not... best pump some points into that running skill too.
There is no sleep, or sleep bonus. However you can sit and lay down and doing so will increase the speed certain aspects recover.
No NPC merchants will be populate by the Devs. If you have a merchant its up to you to give him wares to sell. You can also control what the merchant will buy from other players as well. You also have to fund the merchant, he will not have infini gold. If he has no cash, other players cant sell to him.
Broken items or any item for that matter will be recyclable, able to be broken down to its basic components (re smelting broken swords for example) however breaking down does so at he cost of some of the materials required to make it. if it takes 5 ingots to make a sword, re smelting it wont give you back 5, maybe only 3 or 4 (possibly less)
Day night cycle is 2/3 day 1/3 night. No seasons at the moment
There will be no carts or wagons at launch, Most likly will be an innovation later on.
If There's certain innovations that are believed to be crucial to the progress of the game, and someone is hoarding it and not using it, it will be placed back into the innovation pool to be discovered by someone else. This is dev tracked and on a case by case basis.
All skills have their own innovation pool. IE You can't learn advanced combat tactics through hours spent basket weaving.
NO MOUNTS! At least not yet. However certain playable races later on can be used as mounts, but only at that players discretion can't just jump on a dragon and yell "giddy up" and will have full control over any movement.
Yes there will be animal taming skill.
Arcane beast battles will take place in an instanced environment, the arcane creature will have no ability to effect the outside world, nor will anyone be able to affect it, or you from the outside. EXCEPTION: you're physical body on the outside will be vulnerable to attack while in this battle. Therefore you CAN be killed by another player while you are engaged in this arcane battle
When you log off your character is removed from the world. EXCEPTION: If you are in combat or flagged for some reason your body will persist in the world even if you log off.
The economy is completely player dictated. The Devs will have as little involvement as possible. The value of items you wish to sell or buy will be dictated by standard laws of supply and demand... or whoever has the deepest pockets...
Settlements can create their own crests and emblems.
There will be NO ROADS and NO TRAILS at the launch. So good luck to you... and yes you have passed that tree before...
If you own a place in a settlement and that settlement falls and a has a new owner, you KEEP your property... however you now have to kiss a new guys ass to keep your taxes down...
Dungeons are NOT persistent, can pop up and disappear randomly throughout the land, and are DARK. Not just kinda dark but i can make most things out, no dark like "do i still have hands? i cant see if i do or not... and what is that growling noise over my right shoulder?" BRING TORCHES!
One hit kills ARE possible, but extremely unlikely with common human weapons... However a dragon will bash you into permadeath faster then you can finish relieving yourself in your pants.
There is no mailbox duh however there will be a contract system in place. Deliver X goods to Y place in Z time collect boukoo bucks...
Upon your PD stats of your life will be revealed to you in an "elegant and natural" manner whatever that means, just tell me how many heads i popped off.. and this information will be available to the public... and what do you care? you're dead anyway.
Doors, containers, walls, etc can be booby trapped if you so desire. However I hope you remember which drawer holds your underwear and which one contains the exploding acid...
Bare handed attacks are possible, and "might" be a skill associated with it. However that being said I wouldn't bring knuckles to a sword fight.
You can dye clothing, but not armor and weapons, Sorry no flaming hot pink swords and hello kitty armor...
The game will be played over a multi-shard system. However if they could find the time money and resources to make it a single server they would Take it to the cloud man, The cloud!
Mages CAN possibly have spells powerful enough to destroy city walls... And who said I couldn't have me a mobile siege weapon? Pffft!
NPC bandits will gank yo ass and grab any of your shinys from your cold corpse that they feel fit to fill their pockets with.
Starting money... ZERO! but ample food and water... unless its stolen... You could have a really bad day really quick...

6 Jahre 3 Monate her - 6 Jahre 3 Monate her #2143 von Markus H.
ToA feiert sein 1000stes Forummitglied und belohnt seine treuen Fans mit ersten Screenshots

Auch wenn diese aus der Pre-Alpha sind, macht es trotzdem neugierig auf mehr ^^

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6 Jahre 3 Monate her #2144 von MMO Fan
MMO Fan antwortete auf MMO Trials of Ascension
Schaut ja ganz nett aus, aber ob sich ein Spiel mit Perma Death durchsetzt, auch wenn man statt 1 Leben wie in Diablo Hardcore 100 hat.

naja mal Abwarten :woohoo:
4 Jahre 11 Monate her #2221 von Markus H.
Nachdem deren Kickstarter übelst gefloppt ist, haben sie jetzt über Fanfinanzierung auf ihrer HP schon 50.000 Dollar schon aus Ihren Fans rausgezockt. Top Leistung für lauter so Bla Bla

naja bin auch mal Gespannt, man kann sich da ja jetzt wirklich einiges Kaufen, ob da nicht auch der ein oder andere pay2win Gegenstand dabei ist?
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